Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking For Some Tips For Slimming !!

I found my body get more fatter and fatter lately...
dont know why... I dont eat much... ( well ... maybe just sometimes , but not every day )
just maybe less work out ... and my work is kinda easy... dont have to work a lot or something
maybe that's why... ><"
so Im rearching some tips for slimming my body...
and here it is... how to make your body slimmer and also healthy...
First thing is to assess your current eating habits. This isimportant because you need to know what’s not working. If your current eating habits are keeping you overweight, and you want to be slim, it figures that you need to changethose eating habits.
If something is not working, change it.
Assessing your current eating habits
Keep a record of your eating habits for a week.
The record should contain the following information:
What you are eating. How much you're eating. When you eat (note the times) – you want to know how far apart your meals and snacks are.. Why you're eating at those times – is it because you're hungry, or are you "comfort eating" ?
How you feel after eating – pleasantly satisfiedor bloated and stuffed.. How many glasses of water you drink each day
When you find out your current eating habits, you'll need to determine which habits are sabotaging your efforts to lose weight.
Those are the ones you want to change. More on that later.
Goal Setting
Determine what your weight goal is. Or you may prefer to monitor your progress in terms of your waistline or hip measurements. Whichever one suits you is best. Form a mental picture of yourself looking the way you want tolook. Goals are more powerful and empowering when we visualize them. Hold that mental picture in your mind at all times.
Action Plan
Now that you know what your ideal size is, you have a goal thatyou're working towards. You need to then determine a plan of action to help you achieve that goal. To help you decide on the right plan, bear in mind that eating should be a pleasure. Ask yourself the following questions:
Which nutritious foods do I enjoy eating ?
How soon after eating do I get hungry again?
Most adultsget hungry about 3 to 4 hours after eating a meal..
Do I eat only when I'm hungry? Hint: You should.. How can I stay full? Drink lots of water. Scientists recommend between 6 and 8 glasses of water daily. Your body needs it, and it helps you stay full.
With the answers to those questions in mind, form an action plan,and start a new daily record to help you keep track of your progress.
This new record should contain the same columns as your initial current habits record. This way you can monitor each improvement and celebrate accordingly.When deciding on which actions to take, you need to refer back to your initial assessment of your current eating habits. Decide which habits are preventing you from losing weight. Write downalternative habits that you want to cultivate, which willhelp you get slim.These new habits you want to form are now your "targets"– milestones on your way to your ideal body shape and size.
Taking Action
To form healthy eating habits, start with small changes. Don't make too many changes at once. Set yourself main targets, such as "I will drink 8 glasses of water each day", then set smaller targets to help you reach each main target.Using the example above, a small target could be "I will drink an extra glass of water after each meal". When you break downyour targets, they don't seem so daunting. They seem easily achievable, so you feel encouraged to stick to them.Decide on the foods you will be eating regularly. Make sure they're foods you enjoy. Eat small portions, about 5 or 6 times each day, insteadof three large meals. This helps keep your metabolic rate high, and helps you lose weight naturally.
How to stay motivated to continue eating healthily
1. Believe that you can do it, and accept responsibilityfor your health and for the way your body looks.
2. Reward yourself each time you successfully complete a small target. Celebrate each small success – don't wait until you've lost tons of weight before you reward yourself. Make the journey enjoyable by treating yourselfeach time you make progress.
3. Keep in mind what you hope to achieve –
remind yourself of how lovely and healthy your body is becoming each day as aresult of your new eating habits. Remember, each small step in the right direction is bringing you closer toyour main target.With a clear goal in mind, a feasible action plan and tips to help you stay motivated, you should find it easy to form habitsthat keep you slim and healthy at the same time.Here's to your new healthy eating habits!

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