Sunday, September 30, 2007


ready for the part time job ~ starting from next Tuesday !!
dunno if I could take it... but I hope I could !!
SALES ~ it's something involved luck and experiences ! I just have a very little bit experiences, but I still wanna try ! coz I wanna see if I could fit for this kinda job ~
I gotta think more possitive and throw out the past thinking ( the negative stuff )
just GO FOR IT !! we'll see !!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Im back from Taitung and gotta find a part time job soon !!

I ended up the trip of traveling in Taitung with my parents yesterday ~
I had a good time ~ just the weather sucks !! raining and cloudy...
but I still took many photos tho.
just couldnt see the beautiful and blue ocean as I expected before ~~
but it's okey.... I still very enjoyed the east coast !!
WELL ...
I have to find a job soon !! I have to save money to do many things ... so I need money !!!
~~~ shout out loud !! ~~~
hope I can get a job soon !!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Australia !! Working Holiday!!

Im going to Australia next year !! It's my plan !!
Although my dad very upset about my decision , I still wanna go ~
Coz it's my life, I wanna chase many things , fulfill my desire ... even if there's someone stop me!!
I have to experience my life by myself... not anyone else !!!
so I made this decision ... Im gonna go there next July for half a year ! (maybe)
see what will happen then ?! hahaha how exciting !!
well does anyone wanna join me ?! feel free to tell me ~~

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I dreamed about you last night !!

I dreamed about you last night.... hahaha didnt wanna wake up really... !!
I dreamed that we get together again
we hugged together ... and I remembered that I hugged you very firmly... very much... !!
I dont wanna let you go.... !!
was it because I miss you too much ?! so I cannot help myself to think about you even when Im dreaming..?!
and ~ this morning ~ I met you online !! what a coincidence !!
I was very happy seeing you onlin
and the "morning !! " also make me feel meaningful ~~
well ~ this kinda relationship is hard...not so easy as before ~
but I have to hang on to ....( we got to !! ) hang on till ... no end !!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

my blog again ....

well if you wanna see my blog you can go to my MSN sharing spaces I usually write on there !! ^__^
here just .... a .... hahaha I dont know ... a backup ?!
P.S. Picasa is really great !! so useful !! and the "Picasa2" is a very nice tool also!!
***Recommend everyone can download it and try it !!***

Friday, September 14, 2007

my blog.... hahaha

well I think that I might dont write my blog here anyway ( I have other places jejeje )
coz... I got very lazy.... and I just couldn't delet it !!!

so ... just leave it here ... and if I found I wanna write someday , I would write ...

hahaha just check my web album tho. ~~~

I will keep uploading new photos !! ^___^