Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Of Me --- Daniel Powter

Im in love with this song lately ~ sooo nice !!!
so ~ wanna share with you ~~
I was made the wrong way
Won’t you do me the right way
Where you gonna be tonight
Cause I won’t stay too long
Maybe you’re the life of me

When you talk to me it strikes me
Won’t somebody help me
Cause I don’t feel too strong
Was it something that I said
Was it something that I did
Or the combination of both that did me in

You know I’m hoping you’ll sing along
Although it’s not your favorite song
Don’t want to be there when there’s nothing left to say
You know that some of us spin again
And when you do you need a friend
Don’t want to be there when there’s nothing left for me
And I hate the thought of finally being erased
But baby that’s the best of me
Everything’s behind you
But the hopeless signs beside you
I’m living in the moment
Have I wasted all your time

And I hate the thought of finally being erased
But baby that’s the best of me
Baby that’s the best of me
And I hate the thought of finally being erased
Baby that’s the best of me

Friday, September 26, 2008

Get Your Own Chilis Board

MELANGE CAFE ( Taipei City)

~~ WAFFLE ~~


I went out with one of my friends and her colleague for afternoon tea today~

we went to a famous cafe shop --- MELANGE CAFE

well... why is it famous ???

I heard many people say that the waffle there is very good !!

so I just talked to my friend that we could try ~~

so... here we came this afternoon...

when we arrived there... wow there're sooo many people stand in line !!!

um..... I should say "sit" in line... haha maybe they'd been waited too long...

so they just sitting by the road... ops !! I forgot to picture that !! LOL

and we were gonna become some of them...

(btw... they are not accept the reservation so only one thing you can do is going there and waiting if you wanna eat .... )

about one hour after ...

finally we could go inside and have the famous waffle ...

I ordered the mix fruit waffle

yes ! its true ~ it's big !! I could finish all of them ~ so I asked them to let me take out and

they packaged them with a cute paper bag ( love it )

there's another recommended thing is ICE DROPS STYLE CAFE
its a little bit bitter for me actually ~
but if you like black coffee Im sure that you will like it ~
my friend and her colleague ordered sandwish and "toast" pizza
(kinda strange and not that worthy anyway )
sandwish is good as well ~ if you r hungry and wanna have something salty you could order that !
overall... the food there is good ~ if you are in Taipei ~ and you can bear waiting for like one hour or more... then you could go there and have some yummy waffle with coffee !!
^__________^ v

the address : 1F., No.23, Lane 16, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd.,
Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

*** A Short Report ***

Sleep to be Sexy, Slim and Smart
" Be smart, feel sexy and become slimmer with a good night's sleep "
To some people, the need for sleep is viewed as a sign of weakness.
It's the new macho - and women, especially, are buying into it.
But while you're asleep, every system in your body is being fine-tuned, reset, cleaned up and restored to its optimal operating mode by an army of molecular troubleshooters.
New things you have learned are being processed, memories are being organised and stored, and the immune system is building a new contingent of natural killer cells to fight off battalions of infectious agents.
Growth hormone is being produced to repair damaged tissue (in adults)
or build new tissue (in children) and to block the corrosive effects of stress.
When you sleep well, you're in peak operating condition.
When you don't, you feel groggy and none of your systems are firing on all cylinders.
You don't think straight, make good decisions, remember where you parked the car or feel like making love.
The resulting chemical glitches will put you on the fast track for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even obesity.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

friends V.S. your lover

this is a complicated issue between frineds and your lover.... why do I say so.... because....
there's a thing just happening to my best friend " Sammi " ...
yesterday, she just told me and made the appointment with me that she would love to come here for visiting me on Friday.... but suddently ... I just got a message from her that she wanted to change the date to next week just because of her BIG GUY !! she said her BF would come to Taiwan and stay in Taipei for 4 days,
so she will come here and visit me as well....
well.... my point isnt the time when she will come over ...
just I dont like that kinda feeling !!
someone already promised me something and just one day ( just one day !!) things just changed...!! how come !!?? she might wanna save money and spend someone's money .... because her bf is gonna pay it for her !! ( I guess so )
well... just dont like that kinda her....
maybe its kinda like Im now jealous of her... well probably yes and no...
because I just dont like see that kinda her .... spending someone's money and the one who's just her bf ( he isnt her husband or something) ... she wasnt like that before...
I remember she was like some kinda girl and said many things about what she will do when she meet something or someone... but well ~ I just can say... saying is one thing and doing is another !! now I prove it all and just on my best frined.... I dont know whether he and she will work it out for forever or not.... ( we'll see anyway... !! )
jsut dont like the action she's doing ...
I guess many people also think so... but I dont wanna tell her so...
becasue she is in there ...
when people in there ( like the situation of her )
they wont feel any bad thing indeed !! so...
and hope she will find out something someday or maybe they will be together happy forever ?! who knows !! ??
just I still care about her as my friend....
so I dont wanna loose her because of anything...
(but I feel very bad about her acting ... )

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

some pictures in Jioufen (九份)

one of my friends came all the way from England to here for visiting Taiwan ~
this is his second time visiting Taiwan ~ and he havent been to 九份 so I took him to there which is a lovely place indeed~ just the weather wasnt that nice ...!! ><" but its okey ~ we still enjoyed being there ~ here are some pictures there ~ ( delicious food as well LOL )
here is a link guess might be useful ~ ^__^