Friday, October 17, 2008

German Lunch Day ~ !!

I had German style lunch the other day ~

a Laugen Stick goes with two servelat sausages and some horseradish ~

its yummy !! indeed !!

I was thinking about some kinda German style meal for a while ~

but didnt get the chance to have one ~

so ... that day ... I just thought ... aha...

its a nice day and maybe I could go to have some German meal ~ so I just go for it !!

I love all of the German style breads ( and also Italian styles )

all of these two style breads are kinda chewy ... not so hard not so soft ~

and I like the bread a little bit dry and not oily...

well... they just fit my favorite hahaha

and because I got a coupon of the shop~

so I got one free salad too !! Im lucky !! haha

everything is going with everything perfectly ~

and of course I didnt forget my TABASCO !!!

TABASCO IS A IMPORTANT SAUCE FOR ME when I having a meal or something ... !!

I cannot have a meal without that !! ( kinda crazy and unbelievable )

um... that like that serious... but as long as I could get tabasco...

I definitely wanna get it !!

anyway... I had a nice lunch ~ and felt very happy with that ~

anyone is interested in German food ?!

next time go with me ~!! hahaha ( kidding ^___^" well if we could go together ... )

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